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About us

SpanishACTIVE is formed by a team of multidisciplinary, experienced, widely recognized and fully licensed professionals who have specialized in satisfying the needs of visitors and travelers interested in Spain.

Irene Garcia

Irene Garcia

Responsible for Customer Services

Born and raised in Madrid, the same city where she finished her college studies. Irene began working in 1980 as an air hostess for the respected Spanish flight company IBERIA, where her professional career unfolded as a senior cabin crew member and Flight Director both nationally and internationally.

Irene’s devotion to the development of human capabilities manifests in her achievements as a Tai-Chi Instructor in the Spanish Tai Chi Association, where she won a silver medal during the 2nd Edition of the Spanish Tai Chi Championship, as well as in her accredited training in Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Thai massage and Qi Gong, amongst others.

A constant learner and a fierce lover of culture, Irene enjoys contemporary art, film and literature. She also practices and teaches yoga in her spare time.

Isabel Baena

Isabel Baena

Spanish Teacher

Born in Málaga. Isabel founded the Madrid Spanish Institute and has been teaching Spanish as a second language in a variety of schools in Spain and abroad since 1999. She has specialized in adapting language learning to the particularities of each person and currently manages different educational projects.

Isabel is a Hispanic Philologist who has complemented her degree with a variety of courses in Seville (Spain), Worthing (United Kingdom), San Diego (USA), and Essen (Germany).

Isabel particularly enjoys reading the works of Benito Pérez Galdós and “salir de cañas”, which is to say, going out with friends for some beer and tapas.

Samuel Gomá

Specialist in Spanish Culture, Customs and Popular Festivities